Australian Active Artists

Australian Active Artists 

"Old Dogs New Tricks"

Joan and Len Cooper have joined forces with Jocelyn, Michele and Edward Gedge to present an exhibition of their art with something to please everyone styled "Old Dogs New Tricks" at the Logan Artists Association beautiful "Able Gallery", 29 Coral Street, Loganlea, Brisbane.

Joan and Jocelyn will offer works in oils, watercolour and acrylic.  Len, Michele and Edward have created their unique warm glas sculptures, platters and hanging pieces.

The exhibition will open on 6th June and will close on 18 June 2015.  The gallery is open daily from 9.30am to 3.00pm.  Official opening on Sunday 14th June by Dr. Phil Hall, Hon Curator Art Collection St. Andrew's War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane.

The exhibition is supporting Dr. Liz Butler to raise funds for cancer research, especially that for Melanoma Research.

Come along to the exhibition, enjoy the art and meet the artists.

Unique paintings and glass sculptures are for sale direct from the artists at prices from $50.00 to $1500.00.



Joan Cooper

Joan Cooper, Visual ArtistJoan, like many children during the war years, was born literally with a creative ability.  Most children during the World War II era were encouraged...


Len Cooper

Len Cooper, Warm Glass ArtistFor many years Len had been planning to make his love of sculpturing in warm glass become a reality.  As his successful business career was wound down...